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Have you ever wanted to have the chat room in your web site? Good news for you! We provide services for Free!!! , No cost at all!

Benefits of program chat on web site.

  1. You can specify the room name, background color and size.
  2. It requires low Bandwidth. ( No need Bandwidth )
  3. It's convenient because you can insert the code in your old web site HTML code.
  4. There is no advertising banner.
  5. The access is available via the web page or other program IRC clients such as PIRCH, MIRC, IRCle by Connect to Server: 6667 and join your chat room by typing /join #room's name.
  6. The chat room in your site supports all commands.
  7. Rude and violence words in our system are banded (additional words contact )
  8. Our services have provided 24 hours services since 2000.

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